Monday, April 20, 2009

My Tank is Finally Planted!

Ok so my tank has been planted since Friday, and I am expecting more plants to arrive that I got from one of the members on my forum for a very good deal that I just couldn’t just let go. I also set up my DIY CO2 on Saturday, which so far is working well, by my calculations I am getting 3bps. Also myy drop checker showing good levels of CO2. I noticed some growth on some plants already and I can not wait until everything fills in. I’m planning to add some fish this weekend as long as my levels are good.

So now I will move to showing some pictures.

The full view of the tank right after it's been planted.

The close up of the right side

The close up of the left side

The left side view

The right side view

Close up of my Ludwigia
View from the top

The CO2 reactor, It will be moved after I get my new heater. Which I thought I will get today.

Some more pictures of plants.
I really starting to like this plant it's so pretty. And I think it's pearling this is so exciting. I hope it is pearling........

My Water Spryte. You can't tell by this picture but it got couple of new growths.

Glossostygma. The picture is not very clear but I think it's pearling too....

More Ludwigia.

Right side view
Another full view of the tank. Again don't mind the monster heater, still waiting for my new heater to arrive.

Stay tunned for more pictures. :)

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