Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another planted tank.

It's been a while since I posted anything so it's time to post a little update with pictures :) I also finally got my 55g tank set up which is not easy being 8 months pregnant. The tank is cycling at the moment but hopefully it will be ready for fish soon, I also can't wait to see some growth.
Here is a little info on my 55g

The tank: 55g
Lights: Coralife 48" 2x65w
Substrate: Mineralized Top Soil toped with Ceramaquarts T-Grade, about 50-60lb of it.
Filter: AquaClear 110 (will be adding another one soon)


Anubias 'nana'
Java fern
Dwarf Sag.
Cryptocorine Wendtii
Ludwigia Repens

not decided yet

And now the pictures

Got more plants :D
Still a little cloudy but with a water change it should be crystal clear.

And here is a little update on my 10g.

The tank is doing good but I need to get some root tabs because the plants need it. I moved a lot of plants into 55g, but added a bit of blyxa. So the plants currently in a 10g are: Dwarf Sag., Blyxa, Anubias 'nana', Cryptocorine wendtii. The Celestial Pearl Danios (CPD) are doing great. and apparently they breeding because I found a couple juvies that are around 2 months old or so. I will move most of the school into 55g and leave a couple of pairs in 10g. I hope to see more breeding so my school can become even bigger :)