Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tank is set up and ready to be planted!

So finally my tank is set up and ready to be planted. Plants are ordered and should be here on Friday, still waiting for my CO2 parts; hopefully they will show shortly after plant. Here are some pictures of my newly set up tank.

Day 1 - 04/11/09
Picture taken right after I filled the tank with water. A little cloudy but that is expected. Don't mind the monster heater in the front, I borrowed it from my 55 gallon tank for now untill I get a different one.

Day 2 - 04/12/09
The water is clearer on day two, but I realize that I did not like the driftwood so the first thing I did the next day was a trip to the store to find a better driftwood for my tank, and maybe a cool rock.

Day 4 - 04/14/09
The water is clear and as you can see there is a new piece of driftwood in the tank. Its Malaysian driftwood and I did boil it for couple of hours just to clean it and hopefully after all this boiling it won’t satin my water too much. I also did find a nice rock to go into the tank but no picture of it yet.

So for the substrate I have mineralized soil topped with black color quarts T grade. I will be adding a little more color quarts to create a slope in the back so it gives a little depth.
I also did a water test yesterday.

H2O test on 04/15/09
pH 7.5
High range pH 8.0
Ammonia 0.25
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0
KH 5-6ppm
GH 11-12ppm

Not to bad, tank seems to be cycling well since ammonia is almost 0.But I’m still kind of confused on the KH/GH part, and I’m not sure which pH I should go by?! I’ll figure it out later.
So that it for now. Once my plants arrive I will take more pictures and post what my tank looks like with plants in it.

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