Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Almost ready to start setting up my tank

So it’s been couple of weeks and I got everything I need for my tank, some stuff is already here and some should arrive very shortly. And after everything is here I can finally order my plants and get started as soon as they arrive and for plants it doesn’t take long at all. So I hope by next weekend I will finally start my tank. So far I got my lights my mineralized soil, my color quartz sand which is black. I like the look of black, the colors of plants and fish will stand out very nice against it. As soon as I get my CO2 components I will make my own CO2 reactor which is very easy to make and I will post a detailed step by step directions on how to make one.
For now I will post some links to some reading about CO2, some more on water chemistry and some links which could be useful for anyone who is interested in this wonderful hobby.

Mineralized soil


Water chemistry

There is a big planted tank community with lots of people who are willing to help a newbie I will list some that helped me out a lot. You can browse articles and useful info on fish and plants or just post a question on the forum.

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