Sunday, March 29, 2009

What inspired me to start a planted tank of my own.

Since I was a little girl I always loved aquariums, and had some when I was growing up. I can sit for hours in front of the fish tank and watch fish swim around. There is something about aquariums that is so calming, and always puts me into a good mood no matter how bad my day was. I always watch any show that is about marine life, in fact I almost went to school to become a marine biologist and if I had the money now I would go in a heart beat. When I finally moved out of my moms house I got my self a fish tank with some goldfish, one of my goldfish ended up living for like 8 years, then I had some tropical fish, and a small tank with a betta on top of other pets in my house at the time. I also inspired my best friend to get a tank too and now she’s got 2 of them. My tanks were never anything special, some fake plants and some decorations, but I always spent hours in front of them watching my fish. When I got engaged and moved to Chicago to live with my husband he got me a 10g tank for my birthday in which I had a goldfish. I knew that it’s not nearly enough for a goldfish but they are one of my favorite fish, and I was hoping that my husband will agree to let me move it into out 55g that’s is empty, for now. Well he never did, so I finally decided that it’s not fair for the goldfish to be in a tank that is 10g so I found a home for it were its much happier. Now I needed to figure out what I want to keep in my 10g, so I was looking around on internet to see what fish I would like to have when I came across a website with pictures of an aquascaping contest, I was blown away by the beauty of those tanks. I seen some people have live plants in their tanks before but never anything like what I saw on that website. The tanks that I saw were like little landscapes taken from nature, actually when I saw some pictures I though I was looking at a photograph of a country landscape, the only thing that gave it away was some fish floating on the background and at first I thought it was some weird birds LOL. When I seen those pieces of art I knew right then and there that I want to turn my 10g into a planted tank and hopefully make an aquascape master piece. The picture in this post are the ones that inspired me to start a planted tank of my own.

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